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Boarding at Mor Linn Farm

Mor Linn Farm offers full service 24/7 care for your horse. The 25 stall facility includes 18 acres of pasture turn-out, an outdoor sand ring with sprinkler system, a brand new indoor ring with 16 stall barn attached, and a second barn that was renovated in February 2010 to accommodate 12 stalls. The property abuts park land and scenic Adams Farm which provide endless trail riding opportunities. Located in the heart of Norfolk Hunt territory, the Norfolk Hunt Club rides to the hounds through Mor Linn Farm’s fields twice a year.

Board Costs:

Includes twice daily feeding (grain/hay), mucking out and bedding, daily water bucket cleaning, blanketing in the winter, daily turnout. Staff is on site 24 hours a day in case of health emergencies.

Upper Barn: $1150month

Lower Barn: $1350/month